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Online Sales Engine

Online Sales Engine

Wouldn’t it be awesome to put sales on auto-pilot? Anupama’s course talks about how you can build an Online Sales Engine that can target, reach out and keep selling to your existing customers – automatically.

Engineer your own now- and ensure that your customers are always on board.

Co-Founder, MindLitt
Anupama Singh

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    10X Business Growth by Automation Sales


    Online Sales Engine is a level 2 course that gives you the blueprint to automating your sales process. You may have an engaged audience- but can you convert them to your customers? After mastering the right skills- you DEFINITELY CAN.

    The techniques you learn here can help you put your targeting and selling processes on auto-pilot.

    And increase your volumes and revenues- GUARANTEED. If you can follow the blueprint that Anupama lays out, you can leave your competitors far behind and build up a base of satisfied customers who will keep coming back for more.

    Not only will you see your cash register ringing, but you will also ensure good ROI in your sales operations- which will ensure long-term, sustainable growth for your business.

    Not only will your Sales Engine automate your business growth, but it will also ensure a great brand experience for your customers.

    All this- without the need for manual intervention after initial implementation.

    You don’t need to be tech-savvy to understand and implement the techniques- anyone can do it.

    All you need is the right guidance and some smart work.

    Be prepared for breakthroughs as you keep implementing the techniques you learn. With each lesson- you will be able to reach higher. Not only will you grow your sales, but progressing through the program will also make you a better manager.

    So sign up for this course, and skyrocket your sales.

    Automate your growth- and free up your time.

    So that you can spend it on what is essential: innovating your product and managing your business.

    About Anupama Singh

    Anupama is The Founder of MindLitt and Has a Passion For Innovation


    After striking out on her own, Anupama today serves as the CTO of BrandLoom, India’s most sought-after ROI-focused digital marketing & branding agency.

    What Do You Get?

    With the Online Sales Engine- you can SELL ANYTHING ONLINE. And put growth on auto-pilot.

    All you need is just 20 minutes a day with Anupama, and in 6 weeks- you will get a blueprint for optimizing and growing your business.

    Here’s what you are signing up for:

    1. Boosting your sales and driving revenue at low costs

    Yes, it is good to see goods fly off the shelves. But is it cost-effective? You may have a business- but if you cannot boost your sales while keeping your marketing and other expenses down- you will be in the red. With the tools that Anupama provides you with, you can avoid that fate. Keep costs down, ensure good returns on investment and see your revenue soar.

    2. Reach an already engaged audience

    If you have an engaged audience, it is time to take the next step. You have to convert them into customers. This is precisely where many fail- they lose out on their audience when they try to change the relationship. Anupama will teach you the tricks to optimize your funnel so that you can keep your audience hooked and prompt them to make the right purchase decisions.

    3. Deliver targeted & personalized offers to your audience

    Every customer likes to be seen. The market is hugely competitive- today, customers can switch between brands with ease. If you want to retain them, you have to go the extra mile and cater to them on a personal level. With Anupama, you will learn the science (and art) of targeting your prospects efficiently and craft the best personalized offerings for them.

    4. Reach a global audience

    In this globalized world, we have to think big. The internet has connected people from the world’s farthest corners and has forever changed customer expectations. So go beyond your tiny hamlets and connect with a global audience. The whole world is your marketplace- and with the tricks, you learn here, you can seize opportunities beyond borders.

    5. Easy to get started

    You don’t have to be a tech wunderkid to understand and execute what you learn. This course is meant for everyone. You can quickly get started on this- and as you progress, you will find that you can tackle more complex tasks easily.

    6. Automate your business

    With this course, you can leverage frameworks and tools that will help you automate your business. This not only saves energy and time but also minimizes the need for manual intervention- thereby reducing workforce needs and making your sales process faster and more efficient.

    7. Gives you a significant advantage over your competitors

    When you implement the techniques you learn and deploy the necessary tools- you will push ahead of your competitors. And as you keep fine-tuning your processes, you will only increase the distance that lies between you and them. This is because you will have more time on your hands and free up resources to focus on other essential areas.

    8. Free your time- spend it on what you want to do

    Anyone who has been in your shoes knows there are SO MANY THINGS TO BE DONE. With your plate piled up high- it is easy to burn out. Avoid that fate by automating your sales process and dedicate your time to more enjoyable and essential things.

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