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A functional Learn English program that will turn you into a better and more confident communicator. Join Harpal as he simplifies the grammatical aspects of the global language in a way that pickingit up becomes a piece of cake. Become a fluent speaker, and change you life.

Experienced IELTS trainer & Founder,
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Harpal Singh

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    Become An Expert Communicator & Increase Your Influence

    English is THE global language. Be it writing a leave application or making a presentation at work, creating a good resume, or holding your own in a conversation- having command over English is essential.

    Wouldn’t it be great to have that confidence for presenting your opinions in a group discussion? Or finding the right words to express yourself creatively and access a whole new world of information?

    As you know- in this globalized world, having fluency in English is a MUST. It will not only help you become a better communicator but also help you further your career. With Harpal’s help, you can overcome the language barrier and become a more confident speaker.

    As you improve your command of the language, you can expand your horizons. Be it simply reading new books for pleasure or learning about new things; enjoying movies and music, or being more articulate in social situations; acing your job interviews or immigrating abroad- with fluency in English, all these will be in your grasp.

    Learning a new language or gaining fluency may seem intimidating, but Harpal will break it down into easily digestible blocks. You can trump the rules of grammar and syntax and will be able to pick up the language quickly.

    So, why hesitate? Join Harpal and be ready to open new doors for yourself.

    About Harpal Singh

    Harpal Singh

    Founder & CEO, MindMine Global
    Certified IELTS Trainer


    Get Fluent In English And Discover A Whole New World Of Opportunities

    With this course, you can:

    1. Learn the global language

    English is the actual global language. It is spoken all over the world and is THE official language in many countries. Not only that, it is the default language for many official tasks. You will need to understand and write memos, notices, and applications in English for many necessary tasks. This course will prepare you for all such situations.

    2. Can Help You Get into Great Schools

    Fluency in English is an essential requirement for most good schools. Even if it is not, once you get admitted, you need to know the language to absorb what is being taught there. Be it understanding your textbooks, asking questions, or doing research- you will need to be fluent in English. Don’t forget, most subjects also require oral exams- and you have to be a good communicator for that.

    This is doubly needed if you are applying to schools abroad. Almost every university and school abroad need proof of English proficiency from international students. By gaining good command of English, you can get the chance to attend the best schools abroad.

    3. A broader understanding of the world

    When you are fluent in English, you can develop a broader perspective. We make sense of the world via language, and with a global language, you will come to know different points of view and come to know about previously unknown things. By broadening your mental horizons, you will learn to view the world in a new light.

    4. The language of world travel: more confidence to travel anywhere and experience new cultures

    Being fluent in English is a must for those who love to travel. Be it traveling through the linguistically diverse country of India or going abroad- knowing English keeps you prepared for communicating in a foreign land. Most countries in the world offer tourism assistance in English. Be it trying out new food, asking for help, getting recommendations, or learning about your visit’s place, fluency in English is a necessary tool for all tourists.

    5. Enjoy Classic Literature and Foreign Films in Native Language

    A great library of classic literature and enjoyable movies wait for you in English. Similarly, you will be able to discover new music when you know English. Why just that- you can also read comics, graphic novels, and other forms of pop-lit. A whole new world of entertainment will open up for you- and you can indulge yourself to the fullest if you can understand the language.

    6. It will improve your career prospects

    It goes without saying that English is necessary for improving your performance at work. Be it executing projects better or communicating right in group discussions- you need to speak, write and understand English correctly. Being an effective communicator goes a long way to giving you a boost up the career ladder.

    7. Can vastly increase employment opportunities

    If you are looking for a new job- you have to have some essential fluency in English. Remember, communication is a critical skill for any position. How you present yourself to your prospective employers goes a long way in determining whether you land a job or not. If you have good English skills, you can impress the interviewers easily.

    Not to mention, knowing English is a must for many employers who are recruiting. If you are not fluent in English, you will lose out on many opportunities.

    8. It can help you make more money

    It is a no-brainer that when you know English, opportunities come knocking. Being a good communicator helps you persuade others better to take some desired course of action. Being fluent in English enables you to quickly partake in social situations and create a good impression of where it matters. This will help improve your earning prospects a lot.

    9. Become highly sought after by international companies

    If you want to be with an international company- you HAVE to know English. MNCs want well-groomed, polished employees who positively represent their companies before a global audience. Having good communication skills and command of English will help you become a desired candidate for them.

    10. Immigration Benefits- settling abroad

    In many countries, including the United States, to become a citizen, you must pass an English test to qualify for immigration. Whether you want to become a permanent resident abroad or wish to stay there for a few years for studies or a job- you have to provide proof of English proficiency via some tests.

    At the same time, if you do get a chance to go abroad, you will need to have a good command of English for daily interactions. Be it attending an international school or working abroad, you have to have fluency in English to live a good life and build your future.

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