The MindLitt Philosophy

Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune. – Jim Rohn.

Walking Out With Dreamy Eyes

Remember the day you got your degree in hand?

Life looked so full of possibilities!

You felt like you have got ALL you needed to take over the world and write your own success story.

And you did the best you could to build your road to success.

Realization That Your Education Is Not Enough

After a few years you realize that your formal education has not equipped you for the challenges you are facing in your day to day life. 

You are just not meeting the goals you have set to acquire health, wealth & relationships – the three most important things for any person.

Everyone says that to be successful there will be a learning curve and you must fail before you become successful.

Is that true?

Do you really need to fail for years before you succeed? Is there really no way to shorten that learning curve?

Can You Build On Vicarious Learning?

If you have failed often in the past the one question that comes to the mind is –

Can I learn from other’s mistakes and avoid failure?

Well, who doesn’t want to achieve more from their life? We all do.
After all, life IS about making the most of it.


Are You Ready To Achieve More?

Do you have what it takes to realize your potential?

Are you ready?

Are you committed to your success OR are you merely interested?

If you have the conviction to say “yes” then, you must stop reinventing the wheel & learn from others who have done that already.

You need to find mentors who are willing to share their learning stories so that you can achieve your goals faster than your peers.

You need mentoring to acquire the necessary knowledge and skillset to set the next milestone on your road to success.

Challenges Of Life Are Multi-Disciplinary

Unfortunately, schools may not help you get there.
Your degree may have become outdated, and what you may learn from schools will largely be theoretical.
Not to mention, schools may not teach you what you need to do BETTER.
You may get an engineering degree that helps you land your dream job, but you will need real-life skills to climb up the corporate ladder.

Your MBA degree may help you get a job- but does it tell you how to start and grow a business?

You may be great at technical stuff- but do you have the soft skills needed to build up a strong customer base?

Do you know how to manage your lifestyle? How to manage your finances so that your kids have a secure future?

If you think about it, you will realize that you need more.

You need the right key that will unlock new doors for you.

The key that will give you that same sense of confidence you had when you were stepping out into the world on your own for the first time.

And equip you with what you need to chart the second chapter in your success story.

Introducing MindLitt

The key is in your own hands.

By igniting your mind, you can expand your horizons and open yourself up to new possibilities.

And be up and ready to take your life – and all that you are in charge of- to the next level.

All you need is to believe in yourself.

And guidance from experts who can unlock the best in you.

And they are on MindLitt.

It is a knowledge bank for real-life skills crafted by leading experts in a variety of fields. With MindLitt, you can unlock your full potential for a prosperous life. Our real-life programs help you discover new horizons that can multiply your skills so that you can get more from life.

It is the perfect platform to start your journey towards a better you.

So, reboot your confidence. Change your life for the better. With MindLitt, you can chart your way to a better tomorrow.

We will help you reach the next milestone on your way forward.

MindLitt – Live the rich life.

Our Mission & Vision

MindLitt gives you the chance to get the most out of life.
We teach you the things your schoolbooks left out- the skills that propel you towards a better life; and a better you.

Mission: Our Mission is to provide the Education that matters in daily life to help raise human potential to manage health, wealth and relationships.

Vision: To explore, optimise and chart out ways to discover human potential.

Where your dreams take flight: mindlitt

Challenges Of Life Are Multi-Disciplinary

We believe that all humans have the potential to reach great heights. 
We want you to reach new heights- and be the wind beneath your wings.
And that is what the MindLitt symbol is about. It is about igniting your true potential so that you can soar to the skies and seize the opportunities that lie before you.

Anupama Singh

(Chief Visionary, who charts out the way forward)

With MindLitt being her brainchild, Anupama ensures that her vision is implemented in the right way. She plans the way forward for the community, and guides her teams. Being the chief strategist, she charts the direction for the platform

Avinash Chandra 
(Potential Coordinator, who links the MindLitt community with the experts that help you upgrade yourself)

Avinash forms the bridge between the experts and the community. He makes sure that you get the right courses for yourself on MindLitt, and that people who want to share their experiences have the right platform for doing so.

(Creative Visionary who breathes life into ideas)

Divya is the creative force that brings concepts to life with her artistic flair and imaginative prowess. She meticulously shapes and colors every idea, transforming abstract thoughts into visually captivating masterpieces. Divya’s unwavering dedication ensures that our community members can confidently express themselves, as she helps them develop a profound appreciation for their creative sensibilities.

Sakshi Garg 
(Learning Experience Architect who crafts immersive journeys) 

Sakshi is on a mission to ensure that all learners in our community embark on a truly immersive and engaging learning experience. She meticulously designs and refines every aspect of the learning journey, ironing out any potential roadblocks or distractions. Her unwavering commitment is to create an environment where you can dive deep into your chosen subjects, free from interruptions, and emerge with a profound understanding and lasting knowledge.

Shukti Sarma 
(Vision Translator, putting the vision into words for everyone)

Shukti specializes in giving concrete shape to ideas and abstract concepts, so that the MindLitt vision translates to reality. Words being her tool of choice, she ensures that MindLitt offers the best content for its users.