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Organic Traffic Accelerator

Grow your business by increasing your visibility on the internet. This SEO course helps you master Search Engine Optimization techniques so that you can make your website rank on page 1 of Google search results. Get more traffic, be discoverable to your target audience & beat out the competition by learning from the best.

Founder & CEO, BrandLoom
Avinash Chandra
Digital Marketing Consultant and Growth Hack expert

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Unleash Your Online Potential


The Organic Traffic Accelerator is a result-oriented course that helps you get high-quality traffic for your website and dominate Google search rankings. Join Avinash on this exciting journey that will put you on the path to 10X your business.

Wouldn’t it be great if your website ranked on page 1 of Google? Don’t you want to beat out the competition and become THE go-to website in your domain?

As you know- in today’s world, every business MUST be visible online. People Google everything before they decide to engage with it. Not just that, customers are more likely to go to a business or company whose name dominate the first page of Google when they search for any product or service.

You must ensure that you are there in their line of visibility. To ensure that, you MUST optimize your website.

Many of us look at our competitors with envy. They think their rivals have a magic wand that puts their website on top of Google’s search results.

What if you can have your own magic wand for that? You can get more visitors to your website and become the No.1 website in your field.

This course will not only help you achieve that milestone but teach you some tricks by which you can keep growing your organic traffic through years to come.

So, don’t let the lack of digital marketing knowledge hold you back anymore.

Take a step closer to skyrocketing your web-presence.

About Avinash Chandra

Founder & CEO, BrandLoom- India’s most sought-after, ROI-focused digital marketing agency

17+ years of experience in marketing

Former Marketing Head- Opple Lighting

Marketing Head (South Asia) – Invista

Worked with Hanes, Bausch & Lomb, Philips Electronics

Become Visible Online & Grow Your Digital Influence

Good business is cause and effect. If you follow these techniques, you will reap the benefits FOR YEARS. This advanced course will help you with:

1. Increased Organic Discovery & High-Quality Website Traffic

No black-hat techniques. No buying likes. No bot action.

This course will help you dominate the search results for relevant keywords organically. Make your website more “searchable” by Google’s spiders and human visitors so that you can rise through search rankings and increase your domain authority.

2. Getting You Impressive ROI

If your actions do not give you good ROI, you will eventually be in the red. This SEO course helps you generate good returns to build your brand up sustainably and ensure long-term growth.

3. Improving Your Credibility & Trust

Studies prove that customers tend to buy from brands that have an excellent web presence. Websites that have credible information and good content draw in customers like a magnet. Build up your credibility and be visible for the right reasons.

4. Providing 24/7 Promotion for your platform

Your website is like your 24×7 brand ambassador. Make sure it is doing its job and staying in the line of sight of your target audience. This course will ensure that your web platforms perform optimally, all the time.

5. Targeting the Entire Marketing Funnel. Reaching Your Entire Target Audience

The techniques Avinash teaches will help you optimize your marketing funnel. Reach out to a broader audience, and be discoverable by an ever-expanding circle of prospects. Generate better leads and improve your conversion rates- and translate it to revenue growth.

6. Optimizing User Experience

Give your visitors the best brand experience. This course will help you design great user journeys and help your customers make the right purchase decisions. If you create a good web experience for your visitors, they will keep coming back for more.

7. Enhancing Your PPC Success

Want to run a PPC campaign? With the tricks you learn here, you can get better clickthrough rates and get a good ROI. Make your campaigns a success, get high-quality leads, and earn more revenue by converting them.

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