Stealing Competition Traffic Course to Multiply Organic Traffic


What You’ll Get

  • Identify Top Content pieces of Competition
  • Cluster them into a few related areas and choose a few Content Clusters
  • Make your Content 10X better better then the competition, Go for Cluster Authority
  • Build Internal Links to the new Article
  • Optimise for Featured Snippets
  • Optimise for People Also Asked with FAQ’s

Want to Share Your Business Idea or Message with Hundreds, Even Thousands of People?

“How to Get Paid for Your Expertise AND Increase Your Reach, Impact, and Influence…”

As The Founder Of BrandLoom, I had the Opportunity To Look Behind The Scenes Of:

Thousands of websites & their analytics data…

Here’s What I’ve Learned (New Research):

The Best and Most Efficient Ways to Quickly & Efficiently  Steal Traffic from your Competition and Multiply Your Organic Traffic!

From: Avinash Chandra

There is a big difference between having a website…

and having a website that has traffic and is actually making money (wouldn’t you agree?).

As the Founder and CEO of BrandLoom, I had a rare opportunity to see behind the scenes of thousands of websites, see what’s working, and what’s not working.

Recently we analyzed over 5000+ content websites, and 1000+ ecommerce websites run by our customers…

Trying to find a pattern of what made some websites successful, while others flopped.

As you can imagine, this was NOT a quick or easy process.

We drew a lot of connections, but a lot of them ended up leading us into some big “dead ends…”

However, we finally managed to thrash out a step-by-step process that can help you quickly and efficiently steal your competition’s traffic to help you grow your business.

In this course, we dive deep into the exact steps you need to take to steal your competition to develop a unique SEO strategy for your specific website. Applying generalized SEO tactics isn’t enough to get you ranked and keep your website on the first page of Google.

To successfully rank your website on the first page of Google to steal your competition’s traffic, you need to know how to:

  • Identify Top Content pieces of Competition
  • Cluster them into a few related areas and choose a few Content Clusters
  • Make your Content 10X better than the competition, Go for Cluster Authority
  • Build Internal Links to the new Article
  • Optimize for Featured Snippets
  • Optimize for People Also Asked with FAQs

and that’s exactly what you’ll gain access to here.

What you’ll learn

The how and why of Stealing Competition Traffic Framework: You’ll gain a deep perspective on how you can quickly and efficiently steal your competition traffic – It will help you to create an amazing website to take advantage of the powerful ways in which your audience can become hooked on your site.

Mastering the technical stuff: I’ll help you to identify all the technical issues and develop an in-depth understanding of tools and techniques to steal your competition traffic.

Tools to Steal Competition Traffic: I’ll teach you how to steal competition traffic in the most optimum manner with cherry-picked tools and techniques.

Stealing Competition Traffic Course Curriculum

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Now With Live Q&A Sessions and Professional Support

With the MindLitt Stealing Competition Traffic Course, we combine our best-selling course with live, direct support from Team MindLitt every week.

Working through an online course can be a lonely experience, which is why we’ve created this guided experience. Each week, the MindLitt Team will lead you through the curriculum as well as host two live sessions to support your journey to traffic and authority.

We’ll help you stay on track to finish the course while also offering you live support through expert question and answer sessions and more.

You’ll get to connect with your fellow students as you collaborate in your own MindLitt discussion forum. You will ask questions, share your progress, support each other through roadblocks, celebrate wins, and get to the finish line.

Here’s what you get in the MindLitt Stealing Competition Traffic Course

Tested Course Content

Lifetime access to the MindLitt Organic Traffic Multiplier® course (a ₹ 99,990 value).

Many have taken the course, and the content is regularly updated as the SEO landscape changes. It’s always there in case you have a question.

Live Instruction

Weekly live sessions help you stay motivated and make consistent progress.

We have working sessions, Q&A, and networking built in, so that you’ll get to know your fellow students and build friendships that endure long after the course ends.

MindLitt Community

Our interactive forum helps you stay on track between sessions.

Ask our instructors questions, get feedback on your ideas, and offer encouragement to your classmates. After the course ends, you have ongoing access to the MindLitt community forum, and the weekly sessions.

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Frequently asked questions

What equipment/tools will I need to complete the program?

At the beginning of the course, you will only need a computer and an email account. We will walk you through your options of various free and paid tools to complete the course.

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Lifetime Access + Silver Community Membership, Lifetime Membership

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Every Module Is Tested

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1+ Hour Of On-Demand Videos

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30 April 2022


Community Support – Get Answers From Community, Weekly Live Sessions With Avinash + Live Q&A


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